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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  February 20, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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it's saturday, february 20th, good morning and thanks so much for joining us. weatherwise we're off to a cool start across the bay area. here's lisa tracking the conditions where you live. hi, lisa. >> good morning to you. as you begin the weekend, it's cool and it's gray and many parts. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. it will be thinning out and our camera shows some of that filt tered sunshine. fog from santa rosa and novato. liver more slowly getting better. we'll be looking for to clear within the next hour to hour and a half. then we'll look at the chilly morning until we get to the
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second half of the afternoon. you notice how cool we are in most of the bay this morning. that's due to the clear xid and in san jose later on today, we'll see highs in the mid-60s. this begins a warm-up, we'll talk about when the rain returns next. happening now as many as 4,000 people are expected to attend the funeral mass in washington, d.c. for the late supreme court justice antonin xa lea leah. here's a live look outside at the national shrine at the i am mac lat conception where the mass is just under way now. vice president joe biden and his wife are in attendance as well as the other justices and scalia's large family, including nine children and 36 grandchildren. abc news reporter is live in our nation's capital with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, chris, the funeral mass for justice scalia will not focus so much on his life as a man of the law but more as a man of deep faith.
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this morning thousands fill the largest roman catholic church in north america, the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception, thousands more stretched for blocks outside the supreme court on friday. >> scalia has been a figure in my life my whole lifetime. >> set an example for americans that you can stand up on principle and can stand up for the love. >> justice scalia's former clerks lined the way as he was carried into the court for one last time. the other eight justices waiting in the light filled great hall where scalia's body lay in repose on the same platform that once held the casket of abraham lincoln. >> let us pray for the coming of the kingdom rt scalia's son paul, a priest, offered a prayer. >> you have called your servant out of this world. >> the president and first lady paid their respects and patty
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mill let and sri, said to be on the list. they don't plan to confirm the next justice until after the presidential election. president obama is not waiting to act. that binder he carried as he left the oval office is filled with notes he's reviewing this weekend wiabout potential nominees. >> he passed away a month shy of his 80th birthday. his family and friends will attends a private burial service. reporting from the supreme court, abc 7 news. thank you. developing news now, san jose police are investigating a stabbing that left one man dead and another hospitalized. it happened just after 12:30 this morning on the 3200 block of south white road just off the evergreen neighborhood. the second victim is expected to survive but no suspects have been located or identified.
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developing news this morning the search continues for a missing gun after a federal agent lost it in san francisco. officials say he left it on top of his car yesterday morning but belonged to customs enforcement. here's the latest. >> reporter: san francisco police tell us the ice agent's hand gun was reported lost in this engleside neighborhood and dispatchers put out this bulletin to all officers. >> stolen and loaded firearm, ice agent left a loaded weapon on top of his vehicle, drove off. >> the dispatch continued with a description of the gun. >> the loaded firearm, a black sk 40 caliber weapon. >> reporter: this is a picture of that gun model from the manufacturer's web page in the last eight months, guns stolen from federal agents were used in two high profile murders. a gun stolen in san francisco was allegedly used to call open
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muralist ramos and kate steinly was killed with a stolen bureau of land management ranger's gun. he couldn't answer questions because it's still under investigation. in san francisco, abc 7 news. this morning a british tourist who stabbed in the head during a robbery remains in critical condition. police say he was attacked by a man and woman thursday night in san francisco's japantown. the couple took the man's bag that had his passport and cell phone and money and credit card. police homed to get dna from a scarf left behind from one of the robbers. to the east bay, searching for the responsible person for a killing. people heard the gunfire from several blocks away. >> it sounded like two pistols going off at the same time and me and my buddy both basically
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tackled my son and wrapped him up between us. >> brad in a flaherty lives two doors from where a bullet riddled car is parked in the driveway. he heard at least 18 shots. >> someone was sitting in the driver's seat and he got shot and foot hit the gas pedal over and over again. >> reporter: it's this man shot working on the car, a man with him died at the scene. stray bullets hit two other people inside the house. a woman shot in the hand and 9-year-old boy grazed in the face. >> i seen that little boy walk away like a champ after he got clipped. >> reporter: neighbors say two of the adult victims are the parents of the boy. >> always comes to my store every day, we always talk and laugh and have a good time. >> reporter: mostle yellow markers indicate bullet casings scattered all over. police believe there's more than one suspect and may have taken off in a maroon sedan. investigators are trying to
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figure out who would ambush these victims with such extreme force. alan wong, abc 7 news. our time right now is 8:06. happening now, we're taking a live look inside the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception in washington, d.c. where supreme court justice antonin scalia's funeral mass is taking place. today's service marks the second day of public mourning. the service is open to the public but the burial, set to take place later today is private and that will be attended by family and close friends. stay with abc 7 news and abc 7 news doing for continuing coverage. hayward police are investigating a murder but yet to find a body connected to the case. stacey ago lar was last seen last friday and her disappearance is now a homicide
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investigation. here's more. >> reporter: stacey aguilar's family reported her missing following a house party she attended in hayward. >> as a result of our investigation, we developed information that she is possibly the victim of a homicide. >> reporter: police interviewed people and investigated a crime scene but only saying they believe she was killed somewhere in hayward. people that live at this house on silva avenue say the 22-year-old left the birthday party with her boyfriend unharmed. >> we don't have a body, which makes it more complex. and the other part is that we don't have anyone in custody for the homicide. >> reporter: police have not named a suspect. neighbors are watching the case closely. >> there's kind of weird, you know, you're afraid because my son had two kids. >> reporter: detectives are asking anyone with information to come forward. you can make an anonymous tip. abc 7 news. back here at home, yesterday
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hundreds of officers joined the family and friends of richmond police officer gus vegas to pay their respects. ♪ >> paul bearers carried his casket in memorial auditorium for a service yesterday morning. vegas was killed last week in his home while trying to protect his daughters during a domestic dispute. the white house says apple could destroy any software that would allow fbi access to an iphone at the center of the san bernardino shooting investigation. they recovered the phone after they killed 14 people in december. on tuesday a judge opened apple to create software to hack into the phone. apple refused saying it would be a breach of privacy. apple says the phone was in fbi possession when the password was reset. a group in the south bay looking to legalize marijuana in california offered free weed to anyone who signed their petition yesterday. the group weed for votes says they are giving away a gram of pot to the first 2,000 people
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who sign. they collected signatures in exchange for free weed vouchers. organizers say each gram is worth about 10 to $20. >> if legalization passes in 2016, we're going to have big events and this is your ticket into the event. >> okay. >> there is a catch though, the free weed vouchers are redeemable only if voters legalize marijuana and you had to be 18 or older to sign the petition. an oakland woman is praising the work of the berkeley police department for the return of one of her son's most prized possessions, barbara leslie posted this on facebook showing berkeley defendant scott castle and wilson holding a baseball taken from her home when burglaries ransacked her house eight months ago. it's the only item found so far. here's barbara and her son max, the officers tracked t eed 17-yd to hand deliver the ball from the first home run max ever hit when he was just 9 years old. 8:10 is our time.
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it's nice to see a happy ending like that. >> yeah. >> at least for one item to be recovered. >> definitely. it is still cold in parts of the bay area and foggy. we've got upper 30s in the north bay. here's a look outside from our camera where it's 47 degrees in san francisco. still foggy in petaluma and napa and livermore, but we'll see more sunshine. slow warm-up today then big one then maybe rain returns. >> also ahead, a bay area animal shelter is temporarily shutting down. how you can give them a helping hand during the closure. plus the chinese new year parade preparations are under way, what
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the time is 8:14, we continue to monitor the funeral service for supreme court justice antonin scalia. this is a live look from washington, d.c. at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. we know that the vice president and his wife, jill, are expected to be in attendance for today's service. justice scalia was appointed to the supreme court in 1986 by president reagan. he is survived by his wife
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maureen, nine children and 36 grandchildren. >> 8:14 the time. no kill animal shelter in redwood city will temporarily close its doors this summer and volunteers are now trying to find homes for hundreds of cats. >> after eight years in redwood city, the nine lives foundation is searching for a new location which means the 275 cats at its current animal shelter will need to be adopted. >> it's been a wonderful location for us but we've outgroern it and our lease is coming to an end. this is a good time to make a move and make some changes. >> reporter: the foundation gained international attention for rescuing this little guy, smurf after his previous owner left him to be used as a doggy chew toy. >> and purrs in your lap. how can he be like that after what he's been through? >> jessica michelle has been acting as the foster mom on his road to recovery. >> smurf is this crazy little boy and seen the worst of some
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of the worst sides of human kind yet he's the move loveable cat. one of the most loveable cats that i've ever seen in night life. >> these days, smurf spends a lot of time with his best friend, a blind kitty named wanda also rescued. >> it's incredible what they are doing here. every day it's inspiring. >> this summer the foundation plans to open a separate spay neuter clinic somewhere in redwood city and need to raise $1 million to go towards building a new shelter. volunteers are organizing a capital campaign and hope the community will help. >> now it's a family of thousands that support us, it's been amazing. >> reporter: the lease for the foundation's current building will end in late june. smurf and wanda have a facebook page and already up to 16,000 likes. i've posted a link on my twitter page. >> a stunning announcement about hover boards from the federal government. safety officials say all hover boards sold in the united states
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are unsafe. abc news reportser matt gunman has the details. >> reporter: they spontaneously come busted in malls and park paths and blamed for house fires and banned on airplanes. this morning the government cracking down. >> it is irresponsible for a company to continue to sell hover boards that they know do not comply with the standard. >> reporter: since not a single one is certified as safe, the consumer products safety commission warns consumers risk serious injury or death if the self-balancing hover boards ignite and burn. this couple's nashville home reduced to ashes after a hover board caught fire. >> it could happen. i don't think it's worth the risk. >> reporter: it was the hottest item on many christmas lists and ebay at one point selling one every 12 seconds. would you let one of your own children ride a hover board?
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>> absolutely not. >> reporter: which is why the cpsc says the fist thing is to take these away from your kids. go to your retailer and demand a refund. at least one retailer, amazon, is honoring refunds. of the 12 companies con tacked by abc news, only one swagway offered a statement. saying we have an actively working with the cpsc on the investigation of hover boards and actively conducting r and d on our own and continuing to work on improving our product features, including enhanced safety, which remains a top priority for us. abc news, los angeles. happening today, the year of the monkey will be celebrated in style abc 7 news was where the finishing were being put on the chinese new year par prad. the star attraction, 270 food golden dragon that will close out the parade. festivities begin at 5:15
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tonight. first float rolls through at 5:15 at second and market and union square own post and powell before heading up to kearney to columbus. 8:19 is our time. weatherwise, we're in for a chilly start to the morning but the sun will eventually peek through. >> if you were up very early, we were in the 30s but things have improved considerably, we have hazy sunshine and the fog is still in pockets in the north bay. as you look at live doppler 7 hd, we have a veil of high clouds over the area. they will thin out. we're looking at a slow warming trend over the weekend but once the weekend is over, things really get going, a big ridge of high pressure builds in, still a quarter mile visibility from petaluma to napa. livermore and east bay valleys very foggy. it felt like winter probably. but we are looking at that to clear and as we go through this computer animation, you'll see the cloud cover, waves of it
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through the morning hours, high clouds and batch of them and they'll thin out and we'll call it partly cloudy for most of today. that fog sort of floating by over the city. 47 here. it's 46 across the bay. and down around the peninsula, 49. 50 in san jose. morgan hill is 50 and half moon bay was 39 degrees this morning. 10 degrees warmer right now. san jose gray skies for you. napa and 45 in livermore. we're looking at not only the high clouds here but you can see the low clouds as well. a mixture ever that and mild weekend ahead. not too hard to take. as we get into first part of the workweek, we've got another strong ridge of high pressure. unfortunately looks like records for much of the week. pattern change is on the agenda for the end of the week and that could see a return to the wet weather. statewide if you're heading out and wanting to take a road trip, no problems weatherwise.
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tons of sun from the central coast down to los angeles. palm springs 85. 57 in yosemite and we're getting the snow melt for sure in the sierra nevada although we had bonus snow the past couple of days. it looks like it's going to be another dry week in the mountains, 61 is the average high in san francisco. we'll go to 65 tomorrow with low 70s on tap for much of the upcoming workweek. we'll look for the cool down as this ridge backs away and hopefully another weather system brings us some rain into next weekend. highs around the bay today, ranging from low 60s in vallejo and livermore. 64 in oakland. partly cloudy skies for your saturday. tonight if you're headed into town for the chinese new year parade, the sun sets the 5:54. at 5:00, still be in the upper 50s but the clouds will clear and it will be a clear night and numbers in the low to mid 50s by
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the later evening hours. the accuweather seven-day forecast, high clouds and sun today, seasonal, tomorrow a little warmer, monday and tuesday and wednesday, upper 60s coast side. mid 70s bay and inland. it's not until the end of the week when perhaps we can look at the possibility of some more rain. not on that panel but maybe into saturday. >> another spring preview. >> totally, yeah. >> thank you. still ahead on the abc 7 saturday morning news, today is a big day for all of the presidential candidates, find out how they are stacking up against each other in the race for the white house. >> the countdown to the oscars is under way, chris rock hosts the oscars here on abc 7 next
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more efficient planes and hybrid jet engines are two advances nasa is working on. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom shows us how nasa is changing the future of air travel. days after giving his state of nasa address, the space agency's top dog stepped into this wind tunnel where they are helping design the airliners of the future. >> knock the socks of the 757. cut fuel use by more than 50%. >> reporter: administrator charles bolden stood aside mike honda who helped approved the $19.3 million budget, 970
8:26 am
million will go towards aeronautics research. >> to allow us to do something nasa has not done in decades, partner with industry and build a series of experimental aircraft or x planes rcht. >> reporter: they modeled their testing for plane that's could quietly break the sound barrier. >> we measure the sonic boom pressure signature on the wall. >> reporter: administrator bolden has flown four missions on the space shuttle. but on this mission, taxpayers could feel the payoff from their investment in nasa. >> a future where people can travel to most cities in the world in six hours or less in an airplane that can fly faster than the speed of sound over land on biofuels. >> reporter: the research can also apply to space. >> i'm sure you recognize this. >> reporter: the shuttle was tested here and now they are testing the vehicles that could take humans to mars, by the time that hapds, the number of people using commercial air travel will have doubled.
8:27 am
that means greener airplanes will be a necessity. >> investments in nasa's assessment are children's tomorrow, grandchildren's tomorrow and our country's tomorrow and really, our planet tomorrow. >> jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. a record of more than 18,000 people applied to nasa this year to be astronauts. that's more than double the previous record for the first space shuttle class in 1978. even with all of the applications, the number of slots is limited, only 8 to 14 people will be accepted. much more ahead on the abc 7 saturday morning news. the coolest cooler? a huge kick starter campaign for a new cooler but not everyone who backed it received the product. but first, witnesses describe what happened when a hawaiian helicopter crashed into the ocean.
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every wonder what nature valley is made of? ♪ that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners. nature valley granola bars. and now introducing delicious biscuits with almond butter or peanut butter.
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good saturday morning, we're starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. lease >> we have a veil of high clouds around the bay and temperatures on the cool side. the fog is beginning to lift but in napa and petaluma still a quarter mile. better visibility in concord. livermore you're getting there and on the peninsula, we're seeing a few peeks of sun. temperatures will be slow to warm. we're still in the 40s in oakland, 46 there. 48 in half moon bay. warmer than this morning at 39.
8:31 am
it was a chilly overnight hour and right now 50 in san jose, you're on your way to more mild numbers this afternoon. thgs the beach in santa cruz, count on partly cloudy skies today numbers from about 60 degrees if you're spending time in san francisco, 62 on the peninsula and low 60s inland east bay and mildest numbers over around oakland and san jose. we'll talk about the warm-up and let you know when the rain is coming back into play coming up. time right now is 8:31. we're taking a live look at the funeral mass for supreme court justice antonin scalia, for those of you just now joining us, this is happening now in our nation's capital at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. late justice's son, paul scalia, will deliver mass for his father and clarence thomas, a long-time friend of scalia's will give a reading from the bible. justice scalia was the leading conservative voice on high court
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and died in his sleep last saturday during a visit to texas. our coverage continues now on twitter at abc 7 news bay area and abc 7 today nevada will welcome the first western state to hold a democratic nominating contest this election year. the pressure is on bernie sanders and hillary clinton in this tight race. both campaigns have invested in training that is geared towards spanish speakers, including the clinton campaign's caucus. today's caucus will gauge where they have resonated well among the latino community. for the republican candidates, today is decision day in south carolina. according to a new poll from the wall street journal, trump's 16-point lead from january has been cut to a 5-point advantage. donald trump has the support of 28% of plikly republican voters. while ted cruz had 23%. marco rubio was third with 15% and jeb bush came in fourth with
8:33 am
13%. new this morning, president obama is making his first public comments about his planned trip to cuba next month. earlier this week the white house announced mr. obama will visit havana on march 21st and 22nd. the president says the trip bills on decision he made in december of 2014 to normalize relations with cuba and restore diplomatic relations. >> we're still in the early days of our relationship with the cuban people. the transformation will take time. i'm focused on the future and confident that my visit will advance the goals that guide us, promoting american interest and values and a better future for the cuban people. a future of more freedom and more opportunity. >> mr. obama will be the first president to visit cuba since calvin coolidge in 1928. terrifying details emerging from a helicopter crash in hawaii. spoke with witnesses who described those moments after the crash near the pearl harbor
8:34 am
memorial. new detail about that dramatic and terrifying crash caught on camera. when someone extremed like everyone get down, i was like -- we just turned and ran. didn't have much time before it hit. >> reporter: seconds later shocked bystanding plunging in to help. the water 10 feet deep but murky. new video shows the confusion on the surface. nobody realizing that for three minutes that teenager boy was still trapped below. >> i could hear they had a hold of his foot but couldn't get to him and get him out. >> reporter: the teen entangled in his seat belt, bystanders using a knife and taking turns cutting the boy free. he was rushed to the hospital where he's in critical condition. three other family members are okay. but the pilot identified as ryan roener, a former marine, has had to undergo two surgeries. the pilot's family tells us he had two surgeries since the
8:35 am
crash. he's in the army national guard based in hawaii. virgin ga lack tick is taking another crack at taking tourists into space. the new space ship unity into the air and space port last night. here's cathy carlisle. >> reporter: the team that has been working on creating a new spaceship over the past year and a half had their celebration. >> everyone is so excited to be a part of it and shares the same goal. we want to see this thing happen and see people get into space and see the world for what it is, one planet. >> together we open space to change the w0r8d for good. >> reporter: those who bought the expensive $200,000 plus ticket. >> worth every single cent. it's been a fantastic journey, even though we haven't gone yet, we have got the space ship, so excited and ready to go. >> reporter: meet space ship
8:36 am
two, its name is unity and means so much from richard branson, the woman on the front that represents his mother and the eye that represents steven hawking who also spoke on unity. >> we seem to be able to cooperate between nations in space in a way we can only -- >> the new space age only starts with space ship two but opens up the opportunities for so much more. >> we'll be putting bigger rays of satellites into space which will connect the 3 or 4 billion not connected and many of them will be able to be connected. and if you can get wi-fi and get internet access, you can help get out of the poverty trap. >> we're all time travelers, traveling together into the future. >> but let us make that future a place we want to visit. ♪ >> a future many hope to see this ship fly with passengers. cathy carlisle, abc. disneyland is celebrating
8:37 am
his 60th anniversary. coming up, taking you behind the scenes of the happiest place on earth. first the time is 8:37. we're taking a live look outside from our mt. tam camera. you can see the clouds out there. lisa will have your full accuweather forecast in just a few minutes.
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disneyland is celebrating its 60 agt anniversary and marking the mile phone with a two-hour tv special of the you'll learn fascinating facts about the famous park. >> this is the same lamp he would turn on in the park to let all of the cast members know that he was watching to make sure everything was running magically. ever since his passing, this lamp constantly remains on, serving as a reminder that walt still looks over his beloved and timeless creation. you'll see much more of the wonderful world of disney, begins at 8:00 tomorrow night on abc 7. disney is our parent company. okay, is our forecast going to be magical? >> sure, we've got a little bit of everything. >> you're like, whatever. >> you can cover seven days with warmth and snow and all that. that's magical, why we live here. lake tahoe, 19 degrees and
8:41 am
truckee, a little bit of frern fresh snow but we need much, much more and lots of 50s in the forecast for the week ahead. but a return to the rain could mean a return to the snow there. i'll detail that for you next. >> thank you. >> the warriors are back in action after the all-star break but did they keep their winning
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
it was one of the largest kick starter campaign's in the company's history. seven on your side michael finney says more than a year later they are still waiting to get that deal. >> reporter: good-bye old fashioned ice chest and hello coolest cooler, that's a promise made by the creator in his video. >> first you have an 18-volt rechargeable blender. >> >> reporter: the coolest cooler comes with the removable blue tooth speaker, 62,642 consumers would back the project on kick starter, raising a then record of $13.28 million in 2014. >> very cool product. what i like about it the most is the ease of moving it around. >> it would be fun. we go to the beach a lot. >> reporter: taking the coolest cooler to the beach would have to wait. 50,000 backers paid at least
8:45 am
$185 and were promised delivery a year ago. the problems with the motor then a factory strike in china caused delays. many became angry when the product began selling on amazon. 7 on your side obtained this audio the company sent to backers in november. >> i'll tell you this decision was not made lightly. but ultimately we want to make certain we can keep the lights on. >> reporter: when tim heard that, his patience ran out. >> a straw that broke the camel's back when they said we're running out of money and we do have a bunk of coolers so we're going to sell them on amazon. >> reporter: he launched this petition demanding the original backers get their coolers first. a pacific command was among the signers. >> i'm upset about it. i wish they would take care of their backers. >> reporter: bob stooin of san mateo signed it too. >> not only had we not gotten ours yet but somebody else was going to get them before us. >> reporter: the company declined an on-camera inview and
8:46 am
said the deal it signed before delays, required it to sell on amazon. it doesn't surprise researcher, the university of pennsylvania professor found the more money raised the more likely the kick starter project will be delayed. >> they try to make things more complicated and it delays production. >> reporter: shortly after the petition, bob and tim received their coolers and loved them. but kevin, he's still waiting. in a written statement, the coolest cooler told us while we do have a ways to go before we fulfill all backers, everyone will get their coolers. >> and now it's kind of a sit and wait game. >> reporter: the company won't answer how many of the 35,000 coolers it says since may have gone to backers but expects all backers to receive coolers by this spring. michael finney, 7 on your side. >> the san francisco polar plunge is taking place, benefitting special olympics at
8:47 am
12:00 today. how is the weather going to be? >> it's going to be cool. we'll be in the low 50s, we'll get sunshine in there as well. some of you have been tweeting that the snow pack looks pretty pal tri and our percentage of normal are slipping across the bay area. we're 78% of normal in san francisco and oakland and live doppler 7 hd shows cloud cover. it's not the clouds we'll see rain from. we'll wait almost six days before we see a pattern change that can bring the wet weather. pattern change more in our future is going to be the reverse, drying and warming, a quarter mile visibility from petaluma, three miles in napa and still at four miles in livermore. the trend will be for the high clouds and batches of them and we'll filter in sunshine. we'll call it partly cloudy and temperatures in response to the cloud cover will be climbing slowly and we'll really get the warm-up under way tomorrow. here's sfo. we can see hazy sun, it's 47 in the city and 46 across the bay. lots of 50s from mountain view
8:48 am
and half moon bay, started up kind of frosty in the north bay with 30s and the fog right now still 39 in santa rosa. you're looking at san jose with low 40s in napa, in livermore. when you see the moisture at the surface, we had the fog to contend with. it will take time to warm up and it definitely felt more like winter but it should and we would love the rain, of course for february. but it's been kind of a disappointing month in that department. so little bit of fog, milder over the weekend, flirting with records again for much of next week then a pattern change hopefully by the end of the workweek, maybe get rain in here by this time next week. next saturday. for san francisco, low 60s is the average and we'll be just about there today. 65 for a high tomorrow. that ridge of pressure biltds in and offshore flow gets going and
8:49 am
we'll see warmer than that in our inland east bay. take it all week long until we hope any bring in the rain next weekend. in and around the bay with average highs just about the low to mid 60s we're there today. partly cloudy skies with 63 in santa rosa, fremont and palo alto, a little warmer, down by santa cruz and morgan hill. temperatures pretty average. but if you're headed into san francisco tonight, bring the jacket with the clear sky tonight it will be chilly. the sun sets at 5:54 and 5:15 we'll see temperatures in the 50s. high 50s dropping through the mid and low 50s. should be a great evening for that. the 7-day forecast with 60s today and nice spring like afternoon with high clouds tomorrow sunnier and warmer. that's the trend all throughout the week and next weekend, slight chance of rain and our forecast models go out about two weeks and go out a couple of months but the trend is for wetter weather for march. we don't have to lose hope yet.
8:50 am
>> we hope nature delivers with that. thank you. >> turning to sports now, the warriors are at staples center to battle the clippers. you can watch the game only on abc 7, coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. last night golden state returned from the all-star break in portland hoping to extend their 11-game winning streak. here's mike with the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> well, warriors got a taste of rip city and damian lillard went off for a career high 51 points, handing them the first loss to the road trip. first quarter, curry was hot but lillard was sizzling, blazers score 42. second quarter, portland led by as many as 19 and steve kerr
8:51 am
can't believe it. tough more inside by draymond, a triple, 24 in the first half, 31 on night. warriors down 6 at the break. lillard the triple, called for the foul, not happy. 14-point blazer lead and it was lillard's night, career high 51, zero turnovers, they hand steve kerr the first loss of the season. >> i'm okay with the other team making shots. what i'm not okay with is losing our boys in the third quarter and making 13 turnovers in one quarter. we're down 15, we can score 15 points in two minutes. so we try to score 15 points in like one possession. >> mom rita watching at colorado. second quarter inbound pass to and hustles to the hoop. third quarter, thompson, hits a jumper from the free-throw line and is fouled. 16-point lead.
8:52 am
fourth quarter, britney mcfee, 80-49. improve to 21-6, 11-4 in pac-12 play. got leeb at utah bears down nine early but fixes that. she had a game high 22. second half, the lay-up and bears lead by seven. malia puts it away with a three. led utah with 20. bears drop to 3-12 in conference play after a 72-66 loss. sharks had a tough road trip but won three straight on the road. in carolina looking for the fourth straight win. flicks it out of the air to mare continue jones. worth another look. sharks equalize and ward drops it back for burns and he rips it. tees it up, martin jones not
8:53 am
expecting that. carolina goes on to win it, 5-2 your final. warriors and clippers tonight, 5:00 p.m. here on abc 7. stay tuned for after the game. i'll be in los angeles, larry will be here to break it all down. i'm going to catch a flight right now. have a great day. >> drinking wine all in the name of charity. coming up, how you can help make the wis
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here are the winners from last night's mega millions draw, 2, 27, 41, 50, 75 and mega number 4. nobody picked all six numbers so the jackpot goes to $114 million. happening tonight, great food will be paired with fine wines from bay area wineries at the 15th annual wine and wish event. the festivities will be held at the san francisco design center galleria. the event benefits make a wish bay area. 100% of the proceeds make wishes come true each year for kids with life threatening conditions. 8:56 the time. a final weather check? >> we're getting rid of our fog. temperatures will be slow to warm up with the high clouds and it was very cool this morning, with plenty of 30s. later this afternoon, partly cloudy skies and 64 degrees in oakland and
8:57 am
clear sky and high pressure building, it's a warm-up, may be records here. not so much sunday but monday and tuesday and wednesday, look at the mid-70s around the bay. good news is it doesn't last and hopefully with the cooler weather and clouds that will lead us to more rain next weekend. boy, do we need it. we're falling under our averages and hopefully march will bring some more needed rain. >> let the rain begin. thank you. >> and thanks to you for joining us on the abc 7 saturday morning news. i'm chris nguyen. abc news continues at 4:30 p.m. because of nba basketball. and countdown starts at 5:00 p.m. and warriors and clippers battle at 5:30 followed by toyota after the game, and former warrior donald foil. live with postgame interviews.
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